Who will bear the burden of sin?

We don’t disagree with the structure, we just disagree. The state has no grievance; we have a grievance. We’re saddened that the widespread flower backyard of four characters and thirty-six species has been sidelined. We accepted what the state mentioned. We did what was requested. The state rains sticks with no motive, and we’re pressured to undergo accidents with no motive.

That is what my five-year jail journey meant when the wrongdoer was launched. Those that do not need to undergo The structure says one can’t oppose the structure. Is there no disagreement in democracy? The state can’t be requested by which article or sub-article our rights are written. If we have now written, where is it written to present it? If that’s the case, why have we been detained? Why put him in jail? Who are we if we’re not liberated? What nation are you a citizen of? We needed to present the place where the demand is met.

Indeed, our country recognizes those who raise their fists as terrorists and those who carry weapons as human rights activists.The state is aware that the one who was silly is the one who’s silly. Asti additionally hit him. He additionally hit him yesterday. And, sometimes, he additionally offers a knock on the door.

So what occurred after the completion of the Panchayat system? The porters of the Panchayat system have slowed down in democracy. The previous Prime Minister is now on the throne of energy. How does the system flourish when the republican management joins arms with the Panchayat Bhariyas? In the middle of reporting on the fruits of the battle in 2058 BS, within the forest of Surkhet, I asked the Raute chief, ‘What number of dates do you have, chief?’

Without answering, he replied, “What number of you are there?” Everybody comes and makes a date. Everybody says Mijju Mijju. After making a date, we got alcohol. The king of Nepal can also be our good friend! ‘

Regardless of being illiterate, the chief remained vigilant. I thought it was a brilliant idea to spend the night under the guise of a relationship.I did not need to date him and get drunk. I regarded it as an excuse to deceive the signal and asked, ‘Ought to I signal the signal?’

He is aware that the only ones who’re hungry are the journalists who do analysis. So he replied in a single breath, “Mama, inform me, Mama!” A journalist such as you asks, “Mama?”

His clear reply made me chuckle.

Raute does not care about Saino. It means the livelihood of your group.

Now, each lifestyle, language, and lifestyle of the palace has shifted to our management. From the ministry to the madam, it is hanging on the tongue, ‘Come, eat, go.’

A scholar friend was jokingly telling me throughout a visit to the jail, “Syo’s language is usually utilized by the Maoists these days.”

The pondering, pondering, and psychology of our management are all identical. It stays the same till the tantrum of narrowness is broken. Subsequently, for the change of the nation, the cleaning of narrow-mindedness is critical. Regardless of how helpful or fruitful, the sound of a pacesetter’s pondering, narrow-mindedness, till it takes a variety, sounds just like the sound of democracy. Is it the right way to do away with most cancers by including cancerous limbs? So change is required.

Reality might be upset for a second, but it can’t be defeated. It’s true that the sun and the moon ought to rise and set at a certain time. Generally, a cloud could make the Mahabharata pageant, but it surely can’t prevent the demise of Karna and Dhritarashtra. The sky is evident. However, clouds can’t at all times cover the sky. In an ebook written by a former chief justice in jail, I learn, “Justice on the deathbed, not justice.” Delaying justice is a larger crime. He shall bear his iniquity.

There is part of my poem within the ebook “Bandhuwa Kamaiya”.

“Strike the hammer of judgment, sir!

Where is the court docket for the harmless? ‘

The one who has to bear the burden of our sins is the one who decides.

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