The scenario changed with the arrival of the republic, but the scenario remained the same.

It has been more than a decade and a half since the nation entered the federal democratic republican system by means of the lengthy battle, sacrifice, and sacrifice of the last Nepali people. The election of the Constituent Meeting was held in accordance with the Interim Structure, 2063 BS, which was issued after a 19-day-long peaceable folks’ battle in 2062 BS. The primary assembly of the Constituent Meeting shaped instantly after that declared a republic on June 3, 2008, ending the 240-year-long unitary monarchy system based mostly on dynasticism. The Nepalese government has been commemorating Republic Day by granting a public holiday throughout the country as a day of victory for the Nepalese people. There may be hardly any dialogue in regards to the sacrifices of the great heroic martyrs who have been martyred with no trace of their treasured lives in the path of political change and liberation of the masses within the nation. It’s ironic that the federal government doesn’t pay much consideration to the therapy of the disabled and the injured within the motion. Many are nonetheless lacking, and the state ought to quickly discover them and make them public.

It was believed that with the change within the system within the nation, there could be a fantastic change within the lives and situations of the common Nepalis and an environment of mutual concord, tolerance, peace and order, nationwide unity and enthusiasm could be created within the nation. At the same time, there was great public expectation and confidence that Nepal might simply obtain the purpose of a significant structure through good governance, stability, growth, and prosperity.

However, in consequence, the constitution of Nepal issued by the historic Constituent Meeting within the nation solely accepted the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious, multi-cultural, and geographical range of the nation. Federalism with a federal state construction was declared within the nation in order that Nepal’s sovereignty and state energy could be vested within the Nepali folks. However, a parliamentary system of presidency based mostly on proportional and inclusive examples with social justice, secularism with non-secular freedom, and multi-party democratic competitors with pluralism has not been realized. So civil liberties, elementary rights, human rights, full freedom of the press, freedom, the existence of a neutral and competent judiciary and autonomous and empowered constitutional organs have been acknowledged. However, it is a source of grave concern and sorrow that, even now, the final Nepali people are unable to correctly apply and ensure it in their day-to-day lives to a comparatively high degree.

With the formal institution of the republic in Nepal, there was a public expectation that the political battle within the nation would finish and stability would come. On the contrary, the current syndicate system of governance in the country has sterilized managed democracy, and there is widespread deviation in political management in current times.On account of excessive individualistic pursuits and ambitions, opportunism, and inaction, the nation is falling right into a cycle of political chaos, disaster, and instability daily.

Instead of faith, enthusiasm, and vitality among the people, distrust, frustration, and anger are on the rise.Even young people are looking ahead and fleeing overseas rather than seeing opportunity and a future in their own country.As an alternative to financial prosperity and prosperity within the nation, the nation is going through excessive poverty, deprivation and financial disaster. The state has nonetheless failed to supply enough primary services like wholesome and balanced meals, secure housing, obligatory clothes, good health care, high quality schooling, and dependable employment to the vast majority of the people in the nation.

On the entire, the political actions within the nation appear to have succeeded in altering the so-called system of the nation, but they haven’t delivered a couple of changes in the situation of the lot. Furthermore, only the term “governance” was changed in the country; however, there was no significant difference in the type, tradition, nature, and essence of governance.

From the historical past, from historical instances, Nepal has been profitable to some extent in creating the identity of an affluent nation in essential fields like social, financial, cultural, consciousness, and politics. Why is Nepal not in a position to achieve its purpose of growth and prosperity right now, despite the fact that it has the potential of a world chief who can lead the world in a distinct type and has great potential for change, growth and prosperity within the nation? The nation and the folks have to think seriously about this with a sense of responsibility.

Where did the common Nepali get the posh of constructing expensive, luxurious vehicles and opulent palaces with our country’s so-called nice and nice leaders who can’t even apply ointment to their wounds? Whether or not democracy has come to the nation, Pajerotantra, Folks’ Struggle or Folks’ Struggle, Socialism has come to the fore and the folks have been elevating ruthless questions infrequently. Immediately, nobody can say that the present means of distortion are pure.

Wanting on the general scenario until right this moment, it’s discovered that the dignitaries from the federal government to the Prime Minister of Nepal are solely doing quilts with the tax cash of the people. What did the ruling directors do to reinforce Nepal’s honor, pleasure, and dignity? What has been done for change, good governance, growth, and prosperity in Nepal? It’s time to ask for an account. As a result, even the so-called leaders who’re trusted and relied upon by the Nepali folks appear to be more than keen to cheat, promote, rob, persecute, and oppress us many times. As an alternative to principally serving the nation and the people, they’re wrongly ruling over us in a syndicated type of exploitation and repression.

Corruption, misgovernance, conceitedness, impunity, shortages, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and backwardness must be eradicated from all types of exploitation, oppression, perversion, anomaly and detrimental discrimination in our society and nation. As a way to put a finish to the depressing scenario, the final Nepali folks should now be told to be aware, conscious, and united. There is no other way for the country to move forward hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder toward an egalitarian society based primarily on social justice, advantage, good governance, growth, and prosperity. It’s attainable to show Nepal’s superiority on this planet by fulfilling the unfulfilled desires and resolutions of Nepal and the Nepali folks provided that all events fulfill this nationwide responsibility with seriousness and self-discipline. There is no such thing as a level in celebrating Republic Day solely.

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