Why did Chand Shah go away with this system when there was criticism of Kathmandu metropolis in Hetauda?

Bagmati Minister criticizes waste management

The Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan Metropolis, Chand Shah (Chand), has left the two-day orientation program of native stage individuals’ representatives organized by the Bagmati State Authorities in Hetauda. Alongside her, Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol has additionally left this system and returned to Kathmandu. He returned to Kathmandu after the members criticized the Kathmandu Metropolitan Company. This system is supposed to last until Tuesday, but they have already gone back to Kathmandu.

Shalikram Jammakattel, Bagmati Pradesh’s Minister for Financial Affairs and Planning, spoke at the event and criticized Kathmandu.Minister Jammakattel criticized the Kathmandu Metropolitan Metropolis, saying that the individuals of Dhading and Nuwakot have been affected by the garbage in Kathmandu.

The Bagmati State Authorities have organized a two-day orientation program for the newly elected individuals’ representatives on the general means of native stage operation, planning and implementation. The state authorities have organized a two-day orientation program for the chiefs and deputy chiefs of 13 districts in the state on Monday and Tuesday. The Chief Minister Rajendra Prasad Pandey and Chief Secretary Mukunda Prasad Niraula were in charge of the first meeting of this system.

Shalikram Jammakattel, Minister for Financial Affairs and Planning of Bagmati Pradesh, addressed the inaugural session of this system. Speaking at the inaugural session, Minister Jammakattel mentioned that the native stage ought to take note of the difficulty. He additionally targeted the rubbish concern of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Metropolis. He mentioned that the individuals of Dhading and Nuwakot shouldn’t be harmed because of the garbage of Kathmandu and advised them to handle it in their very own municipality.

I used to be concerned with waste administration in Kathmandu from the interim legislature of 2063 BS till I was elected to the primary Constituent Meeting from Dhading. I am nonetheless there. ‘ He mentioned, “I wish to put my ideas in this regard in a robust method.” Even now, I’m the individual consultant for Dhading. My constituency is Federal Constituency No. 1 of Dhading. I and the current Chief Minister, Rajendra Prasad Pandey, have been elected from there. Dhuniveshi of Dhading and adjoining Nuwakot can be reached from Ward No. 1. Kathmandu can now not take garbage to Bancharedanda.

He mentioned that Kathmandu ought to handle garbage in its personal space in acceptable ways. He mentioned that Kathmandu wouldn’t be allowed to dump rubbish in Bancharedanda as one municipality shouldn’t intervene in another. “You do not eat that rubbish anymore.” Now you must handle it by yourself. That can be in our legislation. One municipality can’t intervene in another municipality. The work performed by one municipality shouldn’t have an effect on the residents of some other municipality, ‘he mentioned,’ so now you begin from the ward. Ask about the classification of rotting and non-rotting rubbish as the primary work of the ward. Make compost from rotting rubbish. Handle non-corrodible waste in your area. Convey expertise accordingly. ‘

It’s mentioned that Chand returned to Kathmandu on Monday, dissatisfied with the remarks made by Jamkattel. He had expressed dissatisfaction over the criticism of Kathmandu metropolis on social media on Monday night. I used to be very glad to take part in this system to abuse the Kathmandu metropolis organized by Bagmati Pradesh,” he mentioned on social media. “Thanks!”

He’s dissatisfied that Kathmandu has been insulted by this system, which isn’t associated with Kathmandu and its individuals, though he has been personally criticized or abused. He has given a transparent assertion to the general public that he has left this system without seeing the justification for staying in this system, which is abusive and doesn’t do anything even when given the chance. He additionally mentioned that if he hears abuse and criticism, he’ll listen to the particular person, group, or program involved.

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